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"Experience Counts"

Traffic Data and Control specializes in traffic and transport data collection, processing, analysis and interpretation. Unlike most of our competitors, we use qualified Traffic Engineers, experienced in data collection and analysis in supervisory and data checking roles. As an affiliate of Bitzios Consulting (specialist traffic engineers and planners), we appreciate the importance of providing accurate, clean, and properly checked data for the technical analysis that follows. This is why we have a strong emphasis on quality control procedures applied throughout the preparation, collection, review and issue cycle of the project. Our efficient business structure also means we can work anywhere at competitive fees and due to the size of our pool of over a dozen senior technical staff, we can mobilize individuals and teams very quickly to respond to urgent requests.

Travel Time Surveys

Traffic Data and Control has successfully undertaken over 15 major travel time programs in the past 4 years. We use Garmin GPS units and Map Source programs which has enabled us to provide accurate and informative data, including congestion hot spot identification, signal coordination issues and peak travel time profiles.

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Intersection Counts

Traffic Data and Control has undertaken over 2500 intersection surveys in the last  4 years using both manual and video capture techniques. We often use Miovision high-mast video, having completed more than 2000 video based surveys in the last 3 years. We also have over 200 casual field staff on hand for manual data collection. Intersection surveys can include queue and delay data capture, pedestrian and cycle movements and a range of other user-specified information.

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Parking Surveys

Parking assessments can require a wide range of data including occupancy, duration of stay, turnover, "bay-shuffling" and entry/exit identification. We employ a variety of field techniques including number plate data collection, video collection and occupancy counting. Also, we have developed innovative plate matching spreadsheets to capture "near misses" and "bay shuffling" in time restricted areas. Our process includes linkages to GPS mapping allowing informative time series occupancy and duration of stay output to be presented.

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Automatic Counts and Vehicle Classification Surveys

We use the MetroCount counter/classifier system and have a number of staff trained in the installation and data processing using this system. Thus, our very experienced traffic engineers "design" how and where the road tubes are to be laid to maximize data accuracy, specifically for what the data is to be used for.

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Other Surveys

TDC has managed numerous other survey types including on board public transport surveys, pedestrian surveys, interview surveys, vehicle occupancy surveys and customer research surveys. Experienced transport planners are involved in survey design and implementation to minimise survey costs whilst maximising data.

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